Our Cabinetry

Jewel Box Cabinetry builds custom cabinetry locally in Northern California. Our cabinetry is bench made, hand built and finished to our client's individual specifications. We build our custom cabinetry so that we have complete control of the entire process. We offer faster production times, better quality, and lower prices.

Locally built custom cabinetry has many advantages over semi custom cabinetry. Semi custom cabinetry is built in large plants sold through dealerships that represent these large semi custom manufactures. The end user purchases through local dealerships or middlemen that have no control of the quality, production time, and most importantly the order. If there is a mistake in the order or something is damaged in shipping, which are both common, it often takes weeks or even months to get the replacement parts needed. This ultimately delays the whole project and is very costly.

Jewel Box cabinetry manufacturers its cabinetry to eliminate problems associated with buying cabinetry through local dealerships or middlemen. The same craftsmen that build your cabinetry in our shop install them in your home. If paint touch ups are needed in the future, the same finisher that originally finished your cabinetry in our finish department will fix them in your home. We have learned over the years that there are incomparable advantages of manufacturing our own cabinetry.

Buying from local manufacturers also helps the local economy, your neighbors, and other business's close to you.

Mission Statement

Jewel Box Cabinetry's mission is to establish referable lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust.  We emphasize the importance that every member of our team strive for customer satisfaction through timeliness, attention to detail, and great service.  We maintain honesty, integrity, and open communication with clients, suppliers, and subcontractors. 


Value Statement

Jewel Box Cabinetry values communication, integrity, innovation, teamwork and a commitment to craftsmanship.  We embrace a friendly yet professional  environment as a foundation for employee security & longevity. Our team members are treated with respect and support in all aspects of their position with Jewel Box Cabinetry.

Why Go with Jewel Box Cabinetry?

  1. Jewel Box Cabinetry's design process is simple. We listen to your ideas and budgetary parameters, offer insight, and create designs that fulfill your needs.
  2. Jewel Box Cabinetry builds the finest cabinetry! Whether simple or luxury, we never cut corners. All of cabinetry is constructed using the finest, most tested construction methods available.
  3. Jewel Box Cabinetry's professional crews are detail oriented and install projects using the most exacting standards of craftsmanship. We make sure that every detail is met.
  4. Jewel Box Cabinetry's service never stops! Whether six months or two years after the installation is complete, we will be there to ensure that your cabinetry is functioning like new.