Pre Delivery Walk Through

    • One week prior to delivery, a Project Manager will walk the site to confirm that all the cabinetry will fit as intended and set a delivery time.


    • Our delivery crew will unload and place the cabinetry in the house in the coordinating rooms as per the direction of the Contractor.
    • After delivery is complete, our crew will walk the job with the Contractor to check that all the cabinetry and related trim is on site and in good condition as per the order.


    • Our installation crews will start by installing the base cabinetry working from the center line toward the walls.
    • Depending on the type of installation desired, we will either install scribe molding or scribe the cabinetry to the wall. (Scribing the cabinetry to the wall is a cleaner installation practice but is a more time consuming which will cost more.)
    • Our crews will continue with the upper cabinetry starting from the center line and move toward the walls.
    • The crown molding, light rail, and scribe molding if necessary are installed.
    • Sub tops are installed.
    • Nail holes are filled along with the cabinet detail.
    • Set all the shelves, adjust the doors and drawers.
    • Wipe down the cabinetry.
    • Inventory all the molding to stay on site until the Final Installation.

Final Touch Up & Detail

After the flooring is complete and the appliances are installed our crews will come back to the job site and finish the following:

    • Install the cabinetry baseboards and toe boards that sit on top of the finished floor.
    • Inspect each door and drawer to ensure they are functioning properly, and adjust them as necessary.
    • Touch up any surface scratches that have occurred since the last time our crew was on site.